Active Shooter: Is Having A Plan Enough?

Active shooter incidents continue to occur at an alarming rate. In fact, FBI studies indicate that since the Columbine incident in 1999, active shooter incidents have steadily increased both in frequency and the number of victims involved.

These tragic events remind each of us of the unpredictable nature of troubled minds   Read More

Safety Performance Measurement

An essential element for the improvement of safety in the workplace is the ability to measure performance. We want to effectively manage the safety challenges that we face and develop best practices that enhance performance.

In order to reach those objectives, we must embrace safety performance measurement tools that help us   Read More

Safety Compliance Management

Compliance initiatives are necessary because they validate that our safety program is in accordance with established guidelines, specifications, and legislation—and that the components of the program are being executed as expected. Safety compliance management is a prevalent business concern and is crucial to ensuring that responsibility and accountability are being   Read More

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