Vital Elements of a Crisis Management Plan

Does your company have a crisis management plan? Are roles explicitly defined, responsibilities clearly understood, and protocols outlined for effective crisis response? Who should be contacted, how do we reach them, and how soon should we notify them? Is your organization prepared to effectively manage a crisis situation?

The first step   Read More

Managing Workplace Anger in the Retail Industry

When thinking about workplace anger, many people think immediately of famous workplace shootings with terrible casualties. The devastation of these violent tragedies includes loss of life, serious injury, and incredible psychological trauma, as well as considerable property damage. Actual workplace violence is the most extreme, the most costly, and perhaps   Read More

Active Shooter: Is Having A Plan Enough?

Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Fort Hood, Columbia Mall, Paris, France, Orlando, Florida… and now Istanbul, Turkey.

Terror took over at the popular Reina nightclub in Istanbul this past Sunday, when a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd of partygoers as they were celebrating the new year.   Read More

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