The Real Danger of Workplace Harassment

The United States may have had a brief Kumbaya moment when it elected its first black President, but that now seems in the distant past.

Today, troublesome signs of conflict and workplace harassment abound. Anti-immigration rhetoric is running strong; the number of reported assault crimes against Muslims has spiked to numbers   Read More

The Legal Implications of Self-Defense at Work

Many retailers have policies for handling a security event, and employees who fail to follow such policies can—under the “employment at will” principle—be subject to punishment, including termination. That happened to a group of asset protection associates at a Utah Walmart, but they challenged their firings in a lawsuit, claiming   Read More

Real-World Lessons from Hostage Situations

Late in August, on a trendy stretch of one of America’s most iconic streets—King St. in Charleston, SC—a fired dishwasher returned to the restaurant where he had worked and shot and killed a former coworker. Announcing, “There’s a new boss in town,” he took another person hostage for several hours   Read More

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