Active Threat Response: Keys to Success

In recent months, the national conversation regarding violence in the workplace suggests a heightened awareness stemming from increased media coverage. At the same time, recent studies suggest there may be statistical evidence supporting this perceived frequency.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about five percent of all businesses experience   Read More

The Real Danger of Workplace Harassment

The United States may have had a brief Kumbaya moment when it elected its first black President, but that now seems in the distant past.

Today, troublesome signs of conflict and workplace harassment abound. Anti-immigration rhetoric is running strong; the number of reported assault crimes against Muslims has spiked to numbers   Read More

The Legal Implications of Self-Defense at Work

Many retailers have policies for handling a security event, and employees who fail to follow such policies can—under the “employment at will” principle—be subject to punishment, including termination. That happened to a group of asset protection associates at a Utah Walmart, but they challenged their firings in a lawsuit, claiming   Read More

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