Does Employee Monitoring Technology Change Staff Behavior?

New employee monitoring tools regularly emerge that allow retail organizations to keep a closer eye on employees. What is your sense of these products? Does technology-based employee monitoring reduce misconduct? Does it dampen or enhance worker productivity?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology examined these questions by analyzing two years’   Read More

Email Scams Just Keep on Coming

Most people know that con artists sending legitimate-looking emails that attempt to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, is known as phishing.

The latest major email phishing scam was reported on Monday. This time, it was about Netflix. An email with the subject line   Read More

The Legal Implications of Self-Defense at Work

Many retailers have policies for handling a security event, and employees who fail to follow such policies can—under the “employment at will” principle—be subject to punishment, including termination. That happened to a group of asset protection associates at a Utah Walmart, but they challenged their firings in a lawsuit, claiming   Read More

3 Pitfalls That Will Cause Your Vendor-Retailer Relationship to Fail

The vendor-retailer relationship is complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating. But if it’s the right relationship, it can be mutually beneficial and everyone is happy—or at least minimally dissatisfied, depending on your perspective.
Vendor vs. Solution Provider
It’s intriguing when a whole group of people starts calling themselves by a different name. Why   Read More

Money Laundering Explained—for Retailers

What is money laundering? Most people will describe it as:

Turning dirty money into clean money.
Turning money from the illegitimate economy into money from the legitimate economy.
Washing drug money.
Disguising criminal money.

From the definitions above, most people would not be far off the mark, except that the definitions   Read More


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