Real-World Lessons from Hostage Situations

Late in August, on a trendy stretch of one of America’s most iconic streets—King St. in Charleston, SC—a fired dishwasher returned to the restaurant where he had worked and shot and killed a former coworker. Announcing, “There’s a new boss in town,” he took another person hostage for several hours   Read More

Retail Data Analytics and LP

We find ourselves living in a time when nearly every decision we make is recorded. Where we drive, what we buy–all this data is collected somewhere. We permit it in the vague hope that somebody on the other end is being responsible with our information.

The loss prevention industry is now   Read More

How Store Environments Affect Shoplifting Crime

Here’s how one shoplifter assesses risk. “First things first—you want to know if they got what you want. The second factor is the risk involvement. The risk involvement will be security times cameras times employees times space times [other] customers. Those are the five factors you’re going to have. Why?   Read More


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