Breaking News in the Industry: July 11, 2017

Ohio police nab man wanted on 10 theft warrants

According to a police report, police were dispatched to the Shops at Boardman Park on Friday after a Kohl’s employee recognized a “wanted person” in the store. Police tracked down Brett Young, 30, of East Palestine, Ohio, at Office Max and arrested him on eight theft warrants out of Boardman; one robbery warrant out of Boardman; and one failure to appear warrant out of Columbiana. The theft charges stem from incidents reported June 22, 24, 25 and 27 and July 2, 5, 6 and 7 at Family Dollar, Target, Ollie’s and Walmart. The robbery charge stems from a July 6 incident at Home Depot in which Young purportedly shoved an employee to the ground while attempting to steal a hedge trimmer. The list of stolen items include televisions, T-shirts, underwear, a headset and a window air conditioning unit.

Police also arrested Young’s girlfriend, Cedrina Toley, 35, for having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, driving without a license, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police reported finding a crack pipe in the vehicle. She reportedly was driving the vehicle the two of them were using.  [For more: The Vindicator]

Louisiana Supreme Court employee allegedly steals more than $100k

An administrator at the Louisiana Supreme Court has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than $116,000 from the court. Louisiana State Police say 38-year-old Misty Wood, of Meraux, worked as a payroll supervisor and is accused of setting up fake judicial appointments and payments that went to bank accounts she controlled in Opelousas, Natchitoches and Greenwood, Mississippi. The New Orleans Advocate reports the alleged crimes occurred between April 2016 and February. Wood was an employee from December 2015 to March. The fraud was discovered after the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office conducted a routine audit of pay records. Wood, also known as Misty Corb, was arrested Thursday on 29 counts each of identity theft, computer fraud, malfeasance in office, public salary deduction and public payroll fraud. Bond was set at $72,500.  [For more: KNOE8 News]

Another panty raid at Victoria’s Secret

For a second time in two months, more than 200 panties were stolen at the Vero Beach Victoria’s Secret at the Indian River Mall in Vero Beach Florida. And just like the previous panty theft, the same Vero Beach manager called the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office to report a theft of 220 pieces of ladies’ underwear. Each pair of underwear is valued at $25, and the total theft is valued at $5,500. The manager said she did not witness the shoplifting and that another worker noticed that several pairs of underwear were missing. The worker said two black females entered the Vero Beach store and allegedly stole the underwear.The theft is similar to the recent one that took place at Victoria’s Secret on May 2nd when $2,100 in thongs and panties were missing from drawers in the display case. Deputies are still investigating the two thefts.  [For more: Sebastian Daily]

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UN finds cybersecurity is a struggle worldwide

As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated and capable of knocking down power grids, locking up hospitals and robbing companies, online security has become a major concern for national defense. But a United Nations survey released Wednesday shows major gaps in the security among the world’s most powerful countries. The Global Cybersecurity Index  takes a look at defense capabilities in 134 countries, focusing on five factors: technical, organizational, legal, cooperation and growth potential. The index ranked countries in several ways, including those “most committed” to cybersecurity.

Singapore took the top rating for “most committed,” edging out the United States, which came in No. 2. While the US beat Singapore on legal, organizational and growth potential factors, Singapore scored higher for cooperation. Other nations rounding out the top 10 in cybersecurity commitment are Malaysia, Oman, Estonia, Mauritius, Australia, Georgia, France, Canada and Russia, respectively. Georgia and France tied for No. 8. The survey found that despite the massive gap in wealth, poorer nations like Malaysia and Oman were stronger in cybersecurity than countries such as France and Canada. The full report can be downloaded here. “The data collection shows that developing countries lack well-trained cybersecurity experts as well as a thorough appreciation and the necessary education on cybersecurity issues for law enforcement, and continued challenges in the judiciary and legislative branches,” the survey said. Half of the countries that responded to the survey do not have a cybersecurity strategy. More than half don’t have training for their police.”  [For more: C|Net]

Retail self-checkouts soar globally

It’s been a good year for self-checkouts in the retail industry. Research and consulting firm RBR Research just shared news of its findings from the Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2017 study, which showed a 67 percent growth in self-checkouts. In 2016, there were 49,000 self-checkout (SCO) units delivered around the world, with the top ten U.S. retailers seeing an astounding 155 percent increase in shipments. While countries like Brazil and China began using SCOs as the primary mode of payments for the first time, South Africa’s retail industry has been slow to adopt for fear of putting people out of work.

Two countries that are finding new ways to implement their own form of SCOs is the U.K. and Japan. While the U.K. is using compact card-only versions, Japan is using a semi-self service, where employees do the initial heavy lifting. By the year 2022, RBR Research is predicting that there will be 400,000 SCOs in use around the world, which is a 53 percent increase from today. RBR Research’s lead researcher for this, Alan Burt, commented in the release about the far-reaching efforts of payments via SCOs: “With self-checkout technology being adopted from Turkey to Thailand, RBR forecasts that by 2022 there will be nearly 400,000 SCO machines installed by retailers across more than 60 countries worldwide.” Given the current SCO landscape and stores like Amazon Go’s grocery stores popping up, it’s possible that the entire retail industry is going to see a major shift in the next few years. As we’ve seen big box retailers like Macy’s and J.C. Penney’s close down a myriad of stores, installing SCOs may be the answer for some retailers looking to cut down on costs.  For more: PYMNTS]


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