The 11 Habits of Low-Inventory Shrink Retailers

In his bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey presented a holistic, principle-based approach for solving personal and professional problems. This got the ECR team thinking, what if for “highly effective people,” we read “low-inventory shrink retailers”? What then would be the habits of low- shrink   Read More

The Current State of the Security Industry

EDITOR’S NOTE: Steven C. Millwee, CPP, is president and CEO of SecurTest, Inc., a national crisis management and applicant-screening firm based in Tampa, Florida. He is author of The SecurTest System, which consists of over 220 applicant and employment questionnaires that focus on workplace violence, theft, work performance, criminal history,   Read More

Scott Draher

Scott Draher has been at Lowe’s for approximately nine years and has held roles as an area, regional, and divisional director of loss prevention. Currently, as the director of loss prevention process and strategy, Draher is responsible for developing, directing and deploying company loss prevention programs and process solutions to   Read More

How GUESS? Turned LP into a Mission-Critical Business Operation

Shoplifters’ Destination of Choice
From Aruba to Venezuela, the GUESS?™ brand is ubiquitous. Known globally for its innovative, highly visual design sense…and for launching the careers of super models Claudia Schiffer,Naomi Campbell, and Anna Nicole Smith…hundreds of department stores and exclusive shops through out Europe, Asia, and South America feature GUESS? apparel, accessories,   Read More

The ROI for RFID Technology in Retail

Over recent years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence of interest and substantial growth in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in retail—a veritable RFID Renaissance—with well over a billion tags used this year, not just in apparel, but for other categories and uses as well. It is being used   Read More

Top Apps for Loss Prevention Professionals

The month of January is a fresh start for the loss prevention professional. You’ve set your resolutions for your team and your organization. You’ve hung your crisp new calendar on the wall. You’ve visualized your game plan and are ready to start working towards your goals for the year. Now   Read More

How to Calculate Shrinkage in Retail

Understanding how to calculate shrinkage in retail is a fundamental but critical concept within the loss prevention profession as well as throughout the retail industry. Ultimately, retail shrink directly results in lost profits, and can have a dramatic impact on the success of the retail enterprise.

The term “retail shrink” or   Read More

Reorganizing Loss Prevention through Talent and Technology

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Jones is senior vice president of loss prevention for Limited Brands. He is responsible for overseeing the loss prevention, shortage control, and safety functions for over 4,000 specialty retail stores, the supply-chain function, call centers, headquarters, and sixteen world-wide offices. Limited Brands includes Express, The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Victoria’s   Read More