The 11 Habits of Low-Inventory Shrink Retailers

In his bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey presented a holistic, principle-based approach for solving personal and professional problems. This got the ECR team thinking, what if for “highly effective people,” we read “low-inventory shrink retailers”? What then would be the habits of low- shrink   Read More

Flash Mob Robbery and the Retail Threat

What started out a few years ago as a phenomenon that used social networking sites to gather a group of people in a public place to dance or perform another innocent form of entertainment has since evolved into a method of gathering together violent protesters—or thieves in pursuit of your   Read More

Crime Control in Singapore

During this past fall semester, I was on an academic sabbatical. This is a time when professors are temporarily relieved of their everyday teaching and administrative duties in order to travel, write, conduct research, and generally “recharge their intellectual batteries.”

In October I was invited to Bogotá, Colombia, to present a   Read More

Scott Draher

Scott Draher has been at Lowe’s for approximately nine years and has held roles as an area, regional, and divisional director of loss prevention. Currently, as the director of loss prevention process and strategy, Draher is responsible for developing, directing and deploying company loss prevention programs and process solutions to   Read More

The Current State of the Security Industry

EDITOR’S NOTE: Steven C. Millwee, CPP, is president and CEO of SecurTest, Inc., a national crisis management and applicant-screening firm based in Tampa, Florida. He is author of The SecurTest System, which consists of over 220 applicant and employment questionnaires that focus on workplace violence, theft, work performance, criminal history,   Read More

Target Likely to Join Mobile Payments Market

Target may become the next entrant in the mobile wallet market, facing competition from the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung, and more recently, Walmart. In December, sources close to Target disclosed that the retailer’s new payment system is likely in the early stages of development. No launch date has been   Read More

Retail Theft Victims and the Criminal Exception

Annually, retailers lose billions of dollars due to theft. In 2010, global retail shrinkage totaled $107.284 billion with shoplifting being the largest contributing factor. As a result, retailers have invested $26.823 billion towards preventative measures including increased security personnel costs, investments in video surveillance systems and various EAS loss control   Read More

Assistant Manager Accused of Raping Two Women after Shoplifting Incident

An assistant manager for a Dollar General store in Clarksville, Tennessee has been arrested and charged with raping two women after he allegedly detained them for shoplifting merchandise in the store, according to authorities.

The Clarksville Police Department has reported in a news release that 38-year-old Robert Lindlau allegedly witnessed the   Read More

Top Apps for Loss Prevention Professionals

Back-to-school season marks a fresh start for everyone, even the loss prevention professional. The influx of composition notebooks, day planners, and freshly sharpened pencils in store displays has everyone thinking about getting a little more organized. This is where your smartphone comes in.

A slew of mobile apps are making the   Read More

The 60-Second Guide to Total Retail Loss

A recent report from the Retail Industry Leaders Association advocates a radical new way to think about how to understand and measure retail loss.
Shrink No Longer Cutting the Mustard

There is no agreed definition of what constitutes “shrinkage.”
Most estimates are based only upon measures of merchandise losses where the   Read More